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Humidifier in the house

How Can A Humidifier Help My Home?

May 12, 2021

Five Signs Your Home May Be Too Dry  1.      Your floorboards creak excessively. If you notice that your wood floors tend to creak loudly or making popping sounds when you walk across it, then it’s likely that your home is too dry. That’s because overly dry air can cause warping, and that can lead to… Continue Reading

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A family gathered on the floor around a book, reading together with comfortable and clean indoor air quality.

Learn About Indoor Air Quality & How You Can Improve It

March 26, 2021

Your home’s air quality has always been important. But, with more and more people working and going to school from home, the air you and your family breathe every day needs to be as fresh and healthy as possible. Many newer homes are nearly airtight, which can be great for energy efficiency but also means… Continue Reading

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