How Can A Humidifier Help My Home?

Humidifier in the house

Five Signs Your Home May Be Too Dry

 1.      Your floorboards creak excessively. If you notice that your wood floors tend to creak loudly or making popping sounds when you walk across it, then it’s likely that your home is too dry. That’s because overly dry air can cause warping, and that can lead to expenses down the road.

 2.      Your wood furnishings crack. When your home’s air is too dry, it can wreak havoc on your wood furniture, bannisters, mantels, and other woodwork. This can cause permanent damage to these fixtures, leaving you with costly repairs or replacements.

 3.      You and your family feel “itchy.” If you’re noticing dry, flaky skin on yourself or family members, as well as chapped lips and itchy eyes, the air is probably too dry. Many times, people blame this on the cold of winter, when often it comes from dry indoor air from heating your home.

 4.      Static cling abounds. If your hair is flyaway, your clothing clings to itself, and you feel that little electrical zap when you walk across the carpet, you’re suffering from static electricity – a problem often seen in an overly dry environment.

 5.      Allergies seem worse. While there could be many causes for an increase in seasonal allergy symptoms, when your home’s air is too dry it can cause the membranes in your nose and throat to dry out, making you feel more sniffly and sneezy.

Why Choose a Whole Home Humidifier?

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Most people have some experience using humidifiers that are meant for one room. These small units can be effective but will require regular maintenance on your part. You’ll have to make sure your room humidifier doesn’t run out of water and that the filter is free of debris. You’ll also have to make sure mold doesn’t grow inside of it, because that can lead to more problems with your indoor air quality not less. Additionally, if your entire home’s air is overly dry, you’ll need a humidifier for each room, which means you’ll be busy keeping track of them all and their condition.

A whole home humidifier can solve all of these humidifier chores and problems. The Carrier® Bypass Humidifier, for instance, uses less electricity than fan-powered humidifiers. It lets your furnace blower supply the necessary air movement to circulate moisture vapor into your ducts – up to 12 gallons per day.

And, this humidifier was engineered to work with your Carrier heating system to provide better, whole-home comfort. A humidified home can help you save energy – because properly moisturized air holds heat more efficiently, you’ll be less likely to turn up the temperature on your thermostat during the winter months, and that could potentially help you save on heating costs!

How can Degree help me get the humidifier I need for better indoor air quality?

At Degree Heating & Cooling, we work hard to make sure our customers are as comfortable as possible. Not only can we provide you with the heating and air conditioning products and services you need for optimal comfort, we can help you with indoor air quality concerns, such as home humidification, too. Learn more about how we can help – Schedule a FREE Indoor Air Quality Consultation today! Contact us or call (860) 633-6122 to find out how Degree Heating & Cooling can help you get the Carrier Bypass Humidifier you need for your home.