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Families are attracted to the Town of South Windsor because of its reputation for having quality schools in a community that believes in being active and engaged. There are a variety of parks (Nevers Park, The Bark Park, Wapping, Orchard Heights) and recreational activities available for all ages in the South Windsor area. It is home to a Topstone Golf Course for a round of 18. South Windsor is also within easy reach of the cultural activities and businesses in nearby Hartford, CT. The residents of South Windsor have a long standing reputation for being caring, respectful, and friendly. That’s been our experience too as we have been helping our neighbors with their heat pump repairs.

Like any other machine, a heat pump can break down or malfunction over time, which is why heat pump repair is crucial to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. Neglecting necessary repairs can lead to higher energy bills, decreased efficiency, and even complete system failure. Therefore, it’s essential to address any issues with your heat pump immediately.

Contact Degree Heating and Cooling right away for the best solutions if your heat pump system or unit is showing signs of aging, as there may be factors affecting the efficiency or even its operation. Our customers in South Windsor have depended on us for expert heat pump repair, superior customer service, timeliness, and quality for the past 30 years.

You should call us if you observe any of the following symptoms on your heat pump.

  1. Not running at all: Clogged air filters or electrical problems might be the cause of the problem. Before the problem persists, let’s get a proper diagnosis.
  2. Running Non-stop: The compressor and thermostat will be examined by a NATE-certified technician for any underlying issues.
  3. Not heating: Degree’s professionals will check for obstructions in heat exchangers and leaks.
  4. Not cooling:The reversing valve could be broken or malfunctioning. Any issue will be found and fixed by our professionals.
  5. Leaks: Any clogs in the drain pipes will be looked for, and any necessary repairs made.
  6. Strange odors: An animal may have gotten into the system or there may have been an electrical issue. Our professionals are able to identify and fix such issues.

With Degree, you can take advantage of cutting-edge diagnostic tools, instruments, and equipment that will make sure your heat pump system provides a satisfactory level of heating and cooling while saving you time and money.

When you choose Degree Heating & Cooling for your heat pump repair needs, you’ll be confident that you made the right decision:

  • Providing expert heat pump repairs for all makes and models
  • Emergency heat pump repair services 24 hours/seven days a week
  • Preventive heat pump maintenance programs to help reduce service emergencies

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    South Windsor, CT Residents Count on Degree Heating & Cooling for Heat Pump Repairs

    Degree Heating & Cooling provides heat pump repair services to make sure your heat pump operates efficiently and reliably for years. Our services extend beyond repairs. We provide the following comprehensive heat pump services:

    Degree Heating & Cooling service area mapDegree Heating & Cooling in South Windsor, CT specializes in heat pump repair. Our goal is to provide complete satisfaction to our customers. You can count on us for professional heat pump repair when you need it.

    If you call Degree Heating & Cooling at (860) 633-6122, one of our friendly associates will be happy to assist you with your heat pump needs.


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