Do You Need to Replace or Repair the AC in Your Cromwell, CT Home? Here are 5 Signs

As cold as our winters may get here in Cromwell, CT, you can rest assured that our summers will get equally as hot. Living in our climate means that, in order to enjoy year-round comfort, it’s likely we’ll need both heating and air conditioning to see us through the seasons. When the summer heat climbs into the 90s, you want to be certain that your AC system is working properly. Aside from an out-and-out breakdown, there are definite indicators that your system may be headed for a breakdown. highlights some telltale signs that your AC is in need of repair – or replacement.

AC not cooling as well as it should?

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  • Not cool, man: A straightforward sign that AC repair is needed for your Cromwell, CT home is that it simply is not cooling. Depending on the type of unit you have installed, the climate, and the frequency of use, if your AC has been well-maintained and serviced on a regular basis, you can count on it living somewhere between 10 and 15 years. If it’s older than that, and not cooling your home, you probably need to consider repairs or, possibly, replacement.
  • Big bills. Have your utility bills been outrageous so far this summer? If higher than usual, you might want to consider an energy audit. If your AC system hasn’t been maintained in a while, you’ll probably want that looked at as well. That way, you can rule out your AC being the culprit – and if it is, get the needed repairs made to get it working efficiently again.
  • What’s that smell? If the AC system in your Cromwell, CT home is giving off strange odors, is noisy, or is emitting moisture where it shouldn’t, repairs may be in order. Smells can be caused by dirt or debris in the unit – have a professional come in and give your unit a cleaning and change the filter, and odors should go away. Loudness can mean that a fan isn’t operating properly, or that a part inside the unit has loosened. If you have moisture inside your home – think clammy – the AC unit is not handling the humid air as well as it should.
  • You’re hot and you’re cold. When an air conditioning unit is working the way it should be, it provides consistent cooling. If that’s not happening, your unit is probably not working as it should. Are some rooms cold and other rooms not cool at all? If this is the case, you’ll want a professional to look at your unit.
  • High maintenance. Honestly, your AC system is not as high maintenance as you might think. It only needs a yearly check-up and tune-up to stay in good shape. Occasionally, you might need an additional service or small repair. But, if you’re calling your HVAC dealer multiple times a year (and spending a lot of money), AC repair for your Cromwell, CT home might not be the answer… you likely need to consider replacement.

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