Gas Furnace Installation in South Windsor, CT

Modern Gas Furnaces Provide Significantly Improved Energy Efficiency

Are you thinking about installing a new gas furnace in your South Windsor, CT, home? There are compelling reasons to consider upgrading from your current, older furnace. If you find that you and your family aren’t as comfortable as desired when temperatures drop in mid-Connecticut, plus you’re experiencing a continual increase in your utility bills winter after winter, it might be the opportune time for a gas furnace replacement.

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Even if your furnace is still functioning effectively but has reached the 10-15+ year mark, it may not match the efficiency of modern high-efficiency gas furnaces due to changes in energy rating standards. Opting for our professional installation of a new high-efficiency gas furnace can enhance your home’s energy efficiency, potentially leading to a decrease in your utility bills.

So, there are a couple of compelling reasons for you to consider replacing your current furnace, but you likely have questions. How much money can you save? Is financing available for installation? How long does the installation process take? Fortunately, we can address most, if not all, of your inquiries regarding your new furnace. We’ll guide you through your options, explain the benefits of each, and provide insights into how quickly we can have your warm air flowing through your home.

If you have an older gas furnace, then news is pretty encouraging: with efficiency ratings starting at 80 percent and going all the way up to 96.6 percent. In fact, modern high-efficiency gas furnaces can save up to 50 percent in operating costs compared to a 10-year old furnace!

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    When you rely on us for the gas furnace installation in your South Windsor, CT home, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

    • A free, in-home consultation with one of our gas furnace specialists
    • Assistance in selecting a high-efficiency furnace that meets your needs
    • Properly-sized equipment unique to your home
    • Convenient payment options
    • Full-factory warranties on equipment and labor

    Navigating through numerous gas furnace contractors can be challenging—and discerning who genuinely has your best interests in mind is crucial. With our longstanding reputation for hard work at an honest price, our company stands out in the area. We take pride in our highly trained technicians who not only deliver professional gas furnace installation but also prioritize respect for you and your home. With over 30 years of experience in gas furnace replacements and installations, we aim to enhance your comfort while delivering exceptional service.

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    We are dedicated to assisting our neighbors in the South Windsor, CT area with their home comfort needs, and we extend the same commitment to you. With over 30 years of experience in fulfilling gas furnace installation requirements, our team undergoes continuous professional training throughout the year to stay updated on the latest innovations for your benefit. Additionally, many of our technicians are NATE-certified, ensuring that when you choose us, you receive an optimal level of care for your home’s gas furnace installation.

    What’s more, Degree Heating & Cooling provides comprehensive gas furnace services throughout the South Windsor, CT area. In addition to gas furnace installation, we’re also pleased to offer:

    Degree Heating & Cooling service area mapRest assured, your gas furnace installation needs in South Windsor, CT, are in capable hands when you choose Degree Heating & Cooling. Our top priority is enhancing your comfort and ensuring customer satisfaction. When you require a new high-efficiency gas furnace installation, trust us to deliver professional results.

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