Why Bother With AC Maintenance for Your Glastonbury Home?

If you’re like many of us, once summer arrives we try to think of ways we can save money. More cash in our wallets means more money to spend on fun summer adventures, right? But, if you’re thinking that AC maintenance is a place to cut corners, you might want to reconsider.

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Sometimes, people think that maintaining their air conditioning system is a lot of hype. Truth is, keeping  the AC system in your Glastonbury home running smoothly can save you aggravation – and cash.

According to the Department of Energy, routine AC maintenance is critical to the life of your system. In fact, the DOE suggests that any air conditioning system’s filters, coils and fins need regular maintenance to work effectively and efficiently.

Plus, the DOE says that your AC will likely lack in performance and use more energy without the right service. What AC maintenance does the system in your Glastonbury home need to run its best? Read below to learn more.


A clean filter in the AC system of your Glastonbury home means the cooled air is well-circulated. It also means dirty, debris-filled air isn’t entering your unit. Dirty filters keep the air from flowing normally and can cause your system to work less efficiently. If that happens, your AC will use more energy – and that will cost you money on your utility bills. As a matter of fact, replacing a dirty filter can help your AC use between 5 and 15 percent less energy. The biggest bonus from keeping filters cleaned or replace can be found in the long-term – because your AC won’t have to work as hard and won’t be filled with dirt, it’ll likely live longer.


Like all the other parts of the AC in your Glastonbury home, the coils collect dirt over the months and years of use. The dirt reduces the coil’s ability to absorb heat, and it reduces airflow. You can help by keeping dirt and debris around your outdoor unit to a minimum. Keep leaves and lawn clippings away from your unit, and trim back any foliage. Getting annual AC maintenance from Degree helps ensure your coils are cleaned and in good working order.


If the drain in your AC system is clogged, your unit will have to work harder. Clogged drains keep your unit from reducing humidity. That will leave you uncomfortable at the very least. Too much humidity in your home can cause mold and mildew to grow, and that can spell trouble for your walls and carpets.

How can Degree help me get the AC maintenance I need for my Glastonbury home?

When you have a professional technician from Degree regularly maintain the AC in your Glastonbury home, you’re helping to prevent small problems from becoming large problems and ensuring the best performance possible from your AC system. At Degree Heating & Cooling, we’re pleased to offer annual service agreements as well, which can help reduce the cost of your air conditioning system maintenance tune-up. You’ll enjoy:

  • Longer equipment life
  • Lower utility bills
  • Reduction in repairs
  • A more comfortable indoor environment
  • A protection of your investment

Degree Heating & Cooling will provide customer satisfaction while improving your comfort. If you need AC maintenance for your Glastonbury home, count on us to meet your needs. Simply give us a call at (860) 633-6122, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.