How Do I Know If I Need a New Furnace?

Furnace repair

With winter right around the corner, many people are thinking about home heating. You want to be sure your furnace is ready for the cold weather ahead. Maybe last winter, your furnace gave you some signs that it needed repair or replacement. Or maybe your furnace is getting on in years, and replacement is becoming inevitable. Regardless, many people want some solid answers when it comes to the question, “How do I know if I need a new furnace?” The Better Business Bureau offers consumers some of the top signs that they should strongly consider replacement.

Here are 5 signs it may be time for you to replace the furnace in your home:

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  1. Increased utility bills. If you’re noticing that your energy bills are on the rise every year (outside of usual increases in costs), then it could be time for a replacement. However, if you haven’t had furnace maintenance in a while, that should be where you start. It may need a good cleaning. If energy consumption doesn’t improve, your system could be failing.
  2. Soaring repair costs. If you’re maintaining your furnace on an annual basis, yet you’re still facing frequent repairs, your furnace could be on its way out. This is especially true the older your furnace gets. It can become more cost-effective to replace your furnace rather than continue to spend money on repairs.
  3. Overly dry air. In the good old days, heating systems kept home humidity levels low. As a result, people were faced with dry skin, static electricity, creaking floorboards and furniture, and respiratory ailments. Modern equipment adds moisture into the air, which helps with all of those concerns.
  4. Unusual furnace noises. You should never ignore when you hear clanging, rattling or popping noises coming from your furnace. In fact, that could be a sign of pressure buildup or other dangerous issues. Any time your furnace is making odd noises, you should call a professional right away.
  5. Temperature inconsistencies. You may find you need to frequently adjust your thermostat, that your home takes longer than normal to heat up, or simply that you’re never comfortable enough. While it could be an issue with the thermostat, you should get it checked out, especially if your furnace is older or has needed frequent repairs.

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