Should I Get a New Heating System for My Home?

woman in winter hat and blanket cold at homeIt never fails – if your heating system is going to go on the fritz, it likely will do so on the chilliest day of the year. There is nothing worse than finding out that you need a new heating system when the weather outside is at its coldest. But sometimes, replacing that old furnace or boiler is actually for the best, especially when it comes to your family’s comfort and your home’s energy efficiency.

Unfortunately, once a heating system begins to fail, it can become a safety concern, aside from leaving your family cold and uncomfortable. It can cause your utility bills to spike, and you may find yourself paying a lot more for repairs. In this article, we’ll talk about a few of the different factors to consider when it comes to replacing your heating system, and how Degree can help. Keep reading for more information!

Why Should I Consider Replacing My Heating System?

At Degree, we completely understand that replacing a heating system is an expense that most homeowners don’t look forward to. That’s why we never suggest replacing something when a system still has significant life in it and can be repaired. However, there are some factors to consider when thinking about the choice between a repair or a heating replacement, including:

  • Age of Heating Equipment: If your current system is 10 years old or more, chances are it has become less energy-efficient, and less effective at keeping your home comfortable. This can be especially true for systems that have not been properly maintained over the years. Fortunately, heating equipment technology is constantly evolving and modern units are usually much more efficient than older ones.
  • Warranty Status: Your equipment’s warranty status often goes hand-in-hand with its age, so chances are if you have an older heating system it’s probably no longer under warranty. Whenever your system falls out of warranty, it’s good practice to start making plans to replace it, because now you have to cover the costs any part replacements and repairs.
  • Heating System Size: If you have increased the size of your home through additions or converted spaces, your furnace may not be sized appropriately to meet the new heating needs of your home. This can make your system operate less effectively and efficiently. The good news is that installing a ductless heating unit might help keep new spaces that are not connected to the home’s ductwork comfortable – and cause less stress on your current system.
  • Expensive Heating Repairs: If it seems like you’ve been faced with more costly repairs to your heating system over the last couple of winters, you may find that it’s going to be cost-effective to replace your system. A good rule of thumb for determining your choice of repairing or replacing a unit is if the cost of repairs is 50 percent or more of what your system is currently worth. This tipping point might help you decide whether a replacement might be smart.
  • Poor Energy Efficiency: If your utility bills have been on the rise for no good reason, your heating system could be the culprit. As heating equipment ages, it begins to lose efficiency, and eventually, homeowners end up spending more on their energy bills than they might on a newer and more efficient system in the long run.
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